Sunday, March 26, 2017


"At present, we know how to create Hell on Earth. What would it be like to create the opposite — Heaven on Earth? What do we need to do right now to start?" 

Read more about co-creating Heaven on Earth from Martin Rutte, the founder of Heaven on Earth.

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Here's some dirt to wiggle your toes in: 

At the Architecture Workshop in Rome (AWR International Ideas Competition), a group of architects from Italy and the Netherlands took first place with their proposal for a preschool on an urban farm. The challenge centered around designing a nursery school model for London. This CityLab includes farm animals such as cows and chickens as well as greenhouses and ground-planted rows of vegetables. 

(A hat tip to Geoff Lawton and the Permaculture Research Institute for the heads-up on this article.)


After a Jewish cemetery was desecrated, two Muslim groups started a fundraising campaign to make repairs. Their goal of $20,000 was met in just three hours, and now stands at over $160,000. The organizers said additional monies would go to repair other Jewish cemeteries that have been vandalized.

In a similar touching gesture, when copies of the Qur'an were damaged at the Islamic Center Tucson, Jewish friends raised the funds to replace the damaged copies.

(A hat tip to Geoff Lawton and the Permaculture Research Institute for the heads-up on this article.)


I recently received an email from Sen. Merkley of Oregon celebrating the withdrawal of a bill that would repeal the Affordable Care Act, and urging citizens to continue the resistance to such actions.

I don't have permission to reprint his email, so I won't post that here. However, I am sharing my response to that email expressing my hope that we move from an adversarial position to one that truly works to benefit all citizens. 


My response to Sen. Merkley:

I understand the elation with a "victory" after months of lies and cruel actions that seem to rip at the fabric of compassion and caring that has provided the foundation for America.

While I appreciate so many people think the ACA is great, it simply does not work for me. Considering the opposition to this Act and the number of people who still have not signed up for health insurance, I would guess it doesn't work for a lot of people for varying reasons.

Your email says the ACA carries the "promise of affordable, accessible health care for all." FOR ALL.

Well, now is an excellent time to make good on that promise. Not just for the people who support the ACA, but perhaps most especially for those who don't. 

Why doesn't everyone support the ACA? Doesn't everyone want to be healthy? And truly LISTEN to what detractors of the ACA have to say. 

I recently saw a post on social media that expressed a lot of my thinking on this topic. I'll paraphrase here because I don't remember the exact wording.

Just because I'm pro-choice, doesn't mean abortion would be my choice. Just because I support LGBT rights, doesn't mean I'm lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender. Just because I value freedom of religion doesn't mean I'm Muslim, Buddhist, or atheist. 

The same goes for health care. I've found my own way to be healthy that does not involve paying insurance companies hundreds of dollars each month nor does it involve the U.S. medical system.

I SUPPORT THE RIGHT OF PEOPLE TO MAKE THEIR OWN CHOICES, not to have someone else's choices forced on them. Although the intent of the ACA may have been good, what it became is trying to force someone else's choices on everyone and, to make matters worse, to make everyone pay for choices that are not theirs. 

I think the true victory in the Trumpcare bill being pulled is to show that involved citizens and courageous leaders can indeed make a difference. 

However, to use a somewhat graphic medical analogy, the wound of divisiveness will continue to fester unless we get to the root cause. Can we clean out the infection of anger, resentment and desperation reflected in the attitudes and actions of Trump and his supporters so the wounds of our country can heal?

Can we extend the compassion and caring we want for ourselves to those with whom we disagree? Can we move beyond a "we won, you lost" attitude and find ways that benefit everyone? That could be the true measure of making America even greater.

Thank you for listening to the voices of all and for your continued leadership in helping make those messages heard.

Friday, March 17, 2017


I've spent a lot of time over the last few months in anxiety and worry about events in the United States, and I've felt the effects in my physical body. Definitely a message this is not healthy. 

However, it's also obvious my head-in-the-sand approach to politics of hoping elected officials will make right, moral, and ethical choices according to my standards is ludicrous.

So I'm forging a way to become more vocal and involved in political issues in what I hope is a thoughtful way, yet allow plenty of time to tend to the other pieces of my life. 

I've also begun forming an image of an ideal world where I spend some thoughtful time each day. A world where wise, visionary leaders blend past traditions and new technology to shape a culture that constantly evolves. A world where people are respectful of Nature and live abundantly in health and creativity. Where we are interconnected with plants, animals and other people in ways that nurture all beings physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Where new inventions amaze us and inspire us to explore areas we never thought possible. 

As I look for examples of people building such a world--like a community of Earthships in New Mexico or permaculture farms growing around the world--this ideal world becomes more and more real, bringing a flow of positive energy, strength and hope, which then radiates through everything else I do. 

Thursday, March 16, 2017


This was my message from The Universe this morning:

Primitive societies live by the Rule of Might, and the strong prevail. 

Advanced societies live by the Rule of Law, and the privileged prevail. 

Enlightened societies live by the Rule of Love, and everyone is lifted higher. 

Intriguing considering the times we are living in.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


I have witnessed and heard instances of a disturbing trend that seems to have become more prevalent--an increasing number of individuals who:

--Lie, even when telling the truth would be more beneficial.
--Abuse drugs, often manipulating the medical system with phantom ailments to obtain prescriptions.
--Believe they are entitled to money, food, housing and any other benefits they can obtain from welfare or other government agencies, through any means.
--Pursue indiscriminate sex, which many times results in a child or children they can use as weapons against any who might be sperm donors and/or their families, and to manipulate welfare and other systems to provide resources.
--Are often aggressive, attacking others verbally and physically, then twisting situations to wear the banner of victim, mobilizing police and courts against their supposed attackers.
--Neglect, abuse, manipulate and terrorize their children to the point these children will do and say anything to avoid their wrath.

These individuals are almost exclusively female, and choose their victims cunningly from among the many (mostly men) who fall into the trap of easy sex; from soft-hearted individuals who want to help them; from systems and individuals that think they are defending the vulnerable; from people who know better but have serious concerns for the children involved. 

Perhaps you've been unfortunate enough to see these individuals in action. You may have even been duped into being sympathetic to them. They have honed their role of victim to an art and are masters of manipulating others. 

These people stir up a frenzy of drama, then retreat to smugness while systems and other social crusaders complete the destruction of others' lives and further damage the psyches of the children involved.

How can we reverse this trend? Like many issues facing society today, this is too complex to be insulted with generalizations and one-size-fits-all assumptions. But the first step is simple: recognize it exists. 

Next, question any claims of someone being a victim. Do not assume because someone claims they have been threatened or harmed in some way that this is true. Remember, some people have built their lives on lies and twisting circumstances to suit their purposes.

Unfortunately, the machinations of false victims call into question the dire circumstances of those who have legitimate concerns for the safety of themselves and their children, and who truly do need help to survive. These people may be any gender, and many times suffer in silence rather than bring more danger by speaking up.  

Another step is to listen--really listen--to what the alleged perpetrator/attacker has to say. Once again, remember that false victims are masters at manipulating others. They manipulate you and your emotions. They also manipulate those they accuse and are cunning about choosing someone who may not have made wise choices in the past. 

Examine each case individually. Examine your own prejudices even more thoroughly. If you have been victimized in the past as I have, be aware you will see any situation through the lens of your own experiences. Don't jump to the conclusion that the man is the abuser and the woman is the victim. There are usually mistakes and bad choices on both sides. 

Finally, do not let false victims off the hook with sympathy and welfare benefits. False victims should be held accountable for their intentional, despicable actions. If they choose not to change and atone for what they have been done, they should be removed to where their actions can be neutralized and where they cannot damage more children and destroy more lives.


Dozens of homes and businesses in Brooklyn have been wired into a solar micro-grid, which allows members to exchange excess electricity credits. The start of a new trend?

Check out this article in the New York Times.

Sunday, March 12, 2017


I don't support Obama Care/the Affordable Care Act or anything else I've seen proposed so far. In fact, it's quite discouraging to hear the noise of two radical sides either totally supporting the ACA or wanting to totally dismantle it.

As with so many issues facing our country at this time, I would sincerely hope politics can be set aside to have rational, intelligent discussions of this topic. 

Has there been anything close to agreement on what constitutes basic health care for our citizens? 

I do NOT think every medical procedure should be paid for with taxes. Perhaps revisit the original Oregon Health Plan for ways to provide medical coverage within a budget. 

I also think this is an excellent time to look at what are considered "alternative" health practices that are showing what many consider miraculous results and are increasingly backed up by research and studies to prove their effectiveness. Using energy to heal the body is a growing field. I've personally experienced great results with a mix of Reiki, Eden Energy Medicine, QiGong, chiropractic care, homeopathy, EFT/tapping, acupuncture, acupressure, cranial-sacral massage, and a number of others. 

I've also realized my continuing journey to have a healthy physical body comes from total well-being, which involves nutrition--real food!--exercise, emotional and mental health, life style and other factors.

--First of all, it's not really affordable. Paying an insurance company hundreds of dollars per month does not make a person healthy. In fact, that's financially very unhealthy. I made the choice before the ACA was passed to pay my mortgage and other bills rather than funnel an outrageous sum of money to a health insurance company that wasn't paying anything toward alternative care that was helping me stay healthy. CUT OUT THE MIDDLE MAN AND SAVE A WHOLE LOT OF MONEY!

--There is no way to simply opt out without being penalized. I understand "systems" such as the ACA need a certain number of fairly healthy people to pay for the medical costs of those with major medical concerns. However, I feel unfairly penalized for a lifetime of making choices to stay healthy. QUIT PENALIZING PEOPLE WHO MAKE HEALTHY CHOICES!

--The U.S. medical system is documented as the third leading cause of death in this country. Not a comforting statistic. 

--While I have heard of some great instances of trauma care and medical technology that has saved people's lives, more and more people I know have spent thousands of dollars on tests, doctor visits and hospital stays, but the medical system can't even decide what's wrong with them. I've also heard of an Eastern medical tradition that practitioners didn't get paid unless their patient got well. Excellent! Would you pay a mechanic or furnace repair tech for not doing their job? Probably not. QUIT MAKING ILLNESS AND DISEASE PROFITABLE!

--This country has spent generations of time brainwashing people into thinking they are stuck with health problems that run in their families and that their bodies deteriorate as they age. Given the latest research that says our bodies are constantly regenerating and every cell is totally replaced every five to seven years, this simply is not true. 

Yet I can't lay the blame totally on the U.S. medical system. In many ways they are simply responding to huge numbers of people who want a pill to "fix" years and perhaps decades of abusing their bodies and making lousy choices that affect their health. If people want to be healthy, there is much they can do by taking personal responsibility for their health, but this takes commitment and effort. 

I have chosen what are considered alternative practices to stay healthy. While most others are lamenting about their latest ailments, I am using my sixty-plus-year-old body to remodel my house and dig in my yard. From my personal experience, the best way to become healthy and stay that way is using "alternatives" such as energy healing that can be learned easily at no cost or minimal cost. The ACA and the U.S. allopathic medical system simply do not work for me. 

--If people want to use alternatives, I believe they should be able to do that without penalty.

--If people want to use the U.S. medical system, they should be free to do that.

--If people want to blend ways to stay healthy, great. How about an option for only trauma care--which the U.S. medical system seems to do fairly well? Or cancer insurance if people are concerned about that? Or other health issues that might be of concern to certain individuals?