Monday, August 21, 2017


I expected the solar eclipse to be cool. I did not expect to be moved to tears at the moment the moon slipped fully in front of the sun and our earthly landscape turned twilight dusky and cool. 

Then the moon's continued orbit revealed the sun was still shining. But for a few moments, I was reminded our Universe is coordinated by an Essence infinitely more powerful than any human ego trying to bend this Earth to its desires. 

We are given chance after chance after chance to learn this lesson. Perhaps all we need to do is quit flailing about in our egos and remain still enough to listen to our souls. 

Then we can celebrate, as many did with shouts of joy and amazement--and fireworks--at that moment of totality during the eclipse. In that moment, were we also in total alignment with that infinitely powerful Essence? 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


I am deeply saddened not only by what happened in Charlottesville over the weekend, but the response of some on social media condemning anyone who does not feel and respond with the same level of anger and hatred they do.

While I can appreciate passion about a cause, is it really beneficial to condemn anger, hatred and violence with anger, hatred, name-calling and libel? 

I much more appreciate thoughtful analysis and peaceful but prepared action, as described in these articles:

--Clergy who stared down white supremacists...

--A personal point of view from a clergyman who was there:

--An article form Allen West about not "cherry-picking" which groups to condemn for violence


Though published in January 2014, I just read this article about an amazing teacher who quietly discovers which students in her class need some TLC and extra guidance. Then delivers it. I'm awed and humbled.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


I received an email from Senator Jeff Merkley regarding health care today about moving our health care system forward. This was triggered by #45's threats not to pay federal insurance subsidies to insurance companies. 

I'm not a fan of health insurance companies and see not paying them subsidies as a great opportunity. 

I sent this message to Sen. Merkley: 
Excellent opportunity that health insurance companies are pulling out of the health care system. They are an outrageously expensive middle man that drives up the cost of health care. Since they are pulling out, that means dollars that would otherwise go to them can go directly to medical providers. And what great leverage to lower the cost of medical care. I went to a chiropractor who offered a nice discount if patients did NOT use insurance companies. Why not pursue these kinds of cuts with hospitals, doctors and other health care professionals? After that piece is in place, then the health care system can look at further cost reductions by looking at alternative treatments and motivating people to make healthier lifestyle choices. Great opportunity here! 

Friday, August 11, 2017