Thursday, February 16, 2017


My message from The Universe today: "How is it that with so many brilliant beings on your planet, so few recognize that when one's life encounters turbulence, choppy waters, or setbacks, it's always a sign that things are about to get wildly better than they've ever been before?"

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Scientist, visionary and scholar Gregg Braden explains how the changing climate we are experiencing reflects cycles of the Earth going back more than 400,000 years.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Thursday, February 9, 2017


Why have you stopped searching for Truth?

Why do you simply ride the high horse of your self-righteousness
that you are protecting another "victim"
from an "assailant"
that is conjured from the fears of her own distorted experience?

That she is so terrorized from her own fears
of not surviving
of having her illusions ripped away
of facing her failures
and the condemnation of expectations she cannot meet

That she strikes out at others
spreading lies and falsehoods
ruining lives
so her own fears and failures are not exposed

You are not helping
You are not rescuing or protecting

You are perpetuating the violence
You are the instrument of injustice
With your assumptions and extortions
You send your storm troopers to enforce the lies
Causing more and more damage

based on the lies and fears of one 
so terrorized by her own failures
that she clings with desperate fingers to the smothering denial of her addictions
to the false assumption
that it matters not 
who she destroys
even her own child
even herself
As long as the truth is not uncovered

Where is Truth? 
You have denied her
You have tried to smother her voice
Yet she is there

You have only to find your courage and look for her



Wednesday, February 8, 2017


If you are seeing hypocrisy, 
then you are likely looking for hypocrisy
through the lens of your experience

Just as if you see an opportunity to work together
then you are likely looking for that opportunity
to join with others to improve this life

Since I have experienced lies, abuse, betrayal and violent deaths
The lens through which I view life is distorted by these experiences

To see opportunities for a different life, I must remove these distortions--
take off the glasses
clean the lenses
or whatever metaphor you wish to use

Rewind the tape of my experiences
And start with a clean, fresh tape

Is this possible?
I'm hopeful it is
For if not, we are condemned to struggle and disappointment and injustice

And I am so weary of those illusions

I want to see Truth and Beauty and Integrity
Wisdom and Grace

To deeply feel the knowing of the Universe
that all experiences are an opportunity 
to see life in a different way

To clear off the fog of abuse and struggle
And let the rays of hope and beauty shine through

To not be mired in the sewage of fear
so deeply it seems we will never be free of it

To know we can scrape the poo off the shoes of our soul
LOL at the purple prose
Not to take ourselves so seriously
Not to overdramatize or chew constantly on angst

But to find the humor
The joy
The opportunity
of living life without the lenses of distortion

To see clearly with the eyes of our true being
that of love and beauty and opportunity



Tuesday, February 7, 2017


What if I look inside me 

what if there are beautiful colors and patterns
and love
and softness

that don't seem of importance in this world
that aren't needed for survival

perhaps they are needed more than ever

Perhaps they can call forth the beautiful kind of world I'm longing for
can calm the chaos and harsh words that seem to have descended upon us
like a smothering, toxic fog
that is choking the life out of everything it touches


©Genie Gabriel

Sunday, February 5, 2017


Like a number of my friends, I feel the need for a break from the waves of negative emotions that have been generated over the last months.

However, I want to deal with these negative energies, not just cover them up or avoid them or stuff them down so they boil to the surface again and again. I want to dissipate this ugliness.

I listened to some of my favorite self-help gurus about forgiveness and compassion and focusing on the positive. All good intentions, but still a challenge for me. My overdeveloped sense of justice says people should not lie or bully or threaten or be greedy or, or, or...

As has been happening, mornings are my creative brainstorming time with my spirit guides. This morning, what developed was a way to move my focus from the negative to the positive. 

If someone lies, I simply let their image dissolve to the word "Lies." Then I replace that word with its opposite. In this case, Truth. For a few moments, I allow the emotions and feelings of Truth to pour into me, filling me and immersing me. I imagine a world where there is only Truth. 

I may need to do this repeatedly to retrain the habits of my brain, but it's a quick process to move my mind from negative to positive thoughts and emotions.

I'm also coming up with a list of opposites so my brain can easily substitute a negative emotion with its opposite. For instance:

Lies -- Truth
Threats -- Respect
Greed -- Generosity
Hatred -- Love
Violence -- Peace

For me, this process is simple, fast, and effective. I like it!