Sunday, May 21, 2017


"We are not walking blindly, we do know what to do and we need to realize we have to do many of these things for ourselves rather than waiting for slow-moving governments or other authorities to initiate the needed action. Lead, and they will follow. This is how it’s always been, and always will be..."
--Geoff Lawton, Permaculture Research Institute

Thursday, May 11, 2017


How can anyone blindly accept what another person says without question? Without thinking for themselves? Without any reasoning at all? 

OK, maybe for the first few months of life when an infant is totally dependent on someone else for survival. However, even babies protest. They cry if they are hungry or wet or hurt. If things aren't right, they let someone know about it. 

Unless they are damaged in some way or taught their survival depends on NOT speaking up. On NOT raising a fuss. 

Is that what has happened to so many people in the United States? Is that why so many do not question? Do not demand answers to actions or statements that make no sense at all? Do not, in fact, even seem to realize these actions and statements make no sense.

This is like watching a person rape and beat a child, then nodding in agreement when that person says, "I didn't hurt anyone." The child may be lying on the ground, bleeding and broken, yet they don't question. In fact, they defend the person who did this horrible thing. I've seen and experienced that in my own life, and that is what I'm seeing in this country. The same blind, unreasoning acceptance and defense of lies. Of dangerous, self-serving, immoral actions.

Where is the outrage? Where is the protest? 

Have we been damaged or brainwashed or "socialized" to the point where we think our survival depends on not speaking up or raising a fuss? 

Or can we muster the courage and integrity to seek the truth, to face our own complicity, and insist on higher ideals for everyone, including ourselves?

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

WHAT IF...we could all be HEALTHY?

What would that look like?
For me, that would mean being slender yet strong and flexible.
What would that feel like?
Joy. Loving what I do. Eagerly looking forward to my next project.
What would I eat?
Food fresh from the garden or from a fruit tree or a berry bush.
What would I hear?
Birds singing. The sounds of nature. A creek running by. Or just soothing quiet.
What smells would I enjoy?
Fresh baked bread. Flowers. Strawberries. Oranges. Cinnamon or vanilla from cookies baking.

From my answers, it's quite clear food and nature are very important to me, as they have been since I was a child. Perhaps that is also why I want to grow my own food and have enough property that I am surrounded by nature.